"So… we're launching next week," the client responded. "How much traffic can be  generated over the weekend? Maybe your local seo services company can optimize it for SEO?"

This seems like an expectation to bring an insane amount of traffic within a short span of time. 

"Uhh, let our production team take a look real quick," the Sales Head said, imagining to be checking the SEO handbook for online reputation management.

"Alright. Our team will do our best to optimize and bring unique visitors."

First things first.

It's not just new websites that struggle with SEO.

We've seen brilliant marketers who bring a lot of experience who think SEO is stuffing keywords into your site like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Search engine optimization does not manufacture demand. It amplifies existing demand.

seo competition

You can't hack it; trick it with any black hat practice.

Neither, rush it by using spamming techniques or manipulate it with pinging on forums and commenting sites with enforced marketing.

Now let's talk about strategy. One that includes seo competition.

1. Do your homework

It would be best if we consider getting the right keywords.

Identify competitors in your industry. Then, ransack their website with various tools available to see which pages are performing well.

Doing this opens the door to identify the gaps in content/website/UX/UI functions.

Broken links? Weak blogs with no conversion assets? No-curiosity-inducing metadata? No proof points with successful case studies?

Collect it all.

This is called understanding the seo competition.

Then, use a free keyword research tool like Moz Pro or Google Search Console to determine search terms that your audience is entering into search engines.

Once you've identified a list of keywords, take out your big, fat sharpie and cross off all but three. I suggest keeping one long-tail niche phrase, one common niche keyword, and one popular commercial keyword that has heavy traffic.

The alignment of your competitor's gaps with three powerful keywords is gold.

2. Create user-first content

seo competition

You've got three target keywords waiting in the stable.

Load them into your metaphorical shotgun and fire away. Then, organically sprinkle keywords into blogs, landing pages, web page copy, ebooks, video descriptions, etc.

A few tips:

  • Think users first, search engines second. Quality over quantity to build authority and sound authentic for brand visibility!

  • Say what you mean and drop everything in between. Google hates rambling fluff. That is the number one reason a website is unable to get unique visitors and then ultimately experience higher bounce rate.  

  • Educate your market. Never assume people can find you magically. Build hype by speaking clearly about innovations and features, and technology. Specificity and simplicity will capture more attention.

Remember SEO's built-in weakness:  Google is routinely attempting to improve the user experience (core web vitals) to improve page load experience. For reaching people, you may go for Classified Ads Submission, Video Submission & Promotion, Photo Submission & Promotion, Local Business Listing (Google, Bing @ Local Listing Sites) and Social Networking.


3. Build content loops.

You tickled the genie's lamp once you performed the keyword analysis and studied the competition. Now we're at wish number three — where the magic happens.

Here's the deal. Your website wants to rank . It’s time for an article covering trends in the industry.

We call this "pillar content" or a page covering many aspects of a single topic, with room for more in-depth articles to hyperlink back to the pillar page.

Now another article should  be titled “10 best tips and tricks” and backlink to the original post.

Congratulations, you've created a content loop.

The more quality backlinks you send to that original post, the more authority it gains on Google. Pretty damn magical, right?

4. Optimize Title & Image Dimensions

We work for brands that come from automotive, healthcare, and eCommerce to partner with us for digital marketing for brand building and online reputation management.

Once a month, our production team scours the far-flung corners of the website in search of SEO issues that need to be fixed in order to get it found by bots of search engines. Multiple people upload content and update web pages with varying degrees of SEO knowledge.

So, consider aspects of web page  like

seo competition

  • Meta tags. Not displayed on the page but scrapped from your site by SEO crawlers.

  • Site load speed. Usually overlooked by many beginner developers. So it’s important to have quick loading speed. Preferably 3 seconds.

  • Large image files. TinyPNG is great that developers usually use for image compression before they upload on a website.

  • Broken links. Self-explanatory. Nobody likes to be directed to a page that gives a bad user experience.

  • Mobile optimization. Assess properly how your content looks on mobile. This is called mobile responsiveness. A pretty reading experience leads to longer, more engaged readers.

A simple rule that helps me: I note annoying aspects of other sites and make sure my site does the opposite.

5. Never stop tracking, analyzing, and improving.

The final step in your SEO strategy is tracking your changes over time. Create a simple spreadsheet and analyze what's working and what's not.

These were some of the findings and ideas we have gathered that you can try implementing to get more inspiration.

seo competition

Are you experiencing a significant drop in site visitors from last month? Find out why.

High bounce rate on a page? Rewrite it.

Spike in referral traffic? Juice the opportunity for those searching for an online marketing agency near me.

Sweat over every detail until you understand what your site visitors think, how they act, and why they decide to (or not to) take the desired action.


seo competition


Search engine optimization requires inbound efforts and effort full link building techniques.

You need discipline and consistency. Foundational knowledge with the willingness to learn. You iterate until there’s tangible results.

Caring about your SEO by performing activities such as Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting and Forum Commenting shows you care about brand visibility and reaching out where audiences are. It makes their lives easier. Makes their lives better.

Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Online marketing agency near me? Book a consultancy call.


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