Types of IT Service you can Expect from our in-House Experts

IT Service

Managed IT Service

For IT Secure Service, our expert team executes standards-based configuration where we provide surveillance and network setup.

IT Service

On-Demand IT

On-Demand IT Maintenance of servers and specific IT support and sometimes customized service are necessary for their business needs.

IT Service

Network Setup

It is a preliminary setup service for businesses as a standalone service which includes evaluation and response to potential threats as managed IT offerings.

IT Service

Database Management

A database is a system that a business uses to monitor and access its data throughout its lifecycle with customer and employee information.

IT Service

Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance, security, and performance of data-driven applications. Our consultants collaborate with companies paying a regular monthly fee.

IT Service

IT Help Desk

Jamal brothers IT service help desk includes restoration service availability, improvements in procedures to prevent reoccurrence

Cloud Computing

This category includes any IT service delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network.

IT Service


SaaS offering includes ERPs delivered to users over the cloud with a membership fee for the ability to access it.

IT Service

Software Support

We provide consultancy and technical fixes with software products that run databases and support for users.

IT Service

Data Storage

We also provide a platform or service for companies or individuals to store their data on cloud platform.

On-Premises Storage

System backups or additional storage so that users don’t have to keep everything on their primary devices on an ongoing or as-needed basis for IT Secure Service does.

IT Service
IT Service
IT Service

Configuration Management

IT Service

Asset Management

Architecting and optimizing IT infrastructures such as storage, networking, and cloud resources; creation and management of processes

IT Service

Deploy Procedures

Helpdesk support and troubleshooting procedures and other areas to deal with deployments and operations. Application service and infrastructure service.

IT Service

Managed Service Providers

Like many IT service providers, our specialists at Jamal brothers who work with small businesses are managed, service providers.

Proprietary Data

It is often less costly for organizations over time since it can prevent massive server problems from occurring in the first place. Find an expert with a discovery call to see how we can help you with performance issues that lead to outage disruption.
Book a call for IT service to get a customized quote for writing the test report for your software service. It can encompass a variety of specifics but allows the business to service its network on an ongoing basis at a regular rate.

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